If you or someone close to you has cancer, you can be a member. Here’s what you need to do:

First: Attend a New Member Meeting

Membership starts with a new member meeting. We’ll meet with you to provide an overview of our services and get started. You can register for a group new member meeting by going to our online calendar , clicking on the in-person or zoom new member session you want to attend, and registering. Or you can email or call (603) 387-6775 to schedule an individual meeting.

Second: Explore a Program (or two)

Participate in the programs on our calendar and meet others in the Cancer Support Team community. All programs are offered at no cost.

Third: Experience the benefits

People find participating in a supportive organization has a positive impact on their lives:

  • reduced stress
  • less loneliness
  • less fear
  • increased sense of control

100% of our members receive our programs for free.

So, join the Lakes Region Cancer Support Team community today!